Who is Gary Stock?  UnBlinking

Gary is the wit, word, and work behind UnBlinking... the relentless searcher who coined the term 'Googlewhack'... and (when not besieged by Googlewhacking folks like you :-) the Chief Innovation Officer and Technical Compass of the technology firm Nexcerpt, Inc. in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Here's the official background:
Gary has programmed and used computers for over 20 years. In the early 1980's, he installed and trained users on IBM PC XT and Apple Macintosh systems, both within months of market introduction.

Before co-founding Nexcerpt, Stock was CTO of InGenius Technologies, creators of the javElink change monitoring service, Daily Diffs, and EgoSurf.com. In early 2000, a San Francisco enterprise search firm acquired InGenius, its sites, services, contracts and clients.

Previously, as Special Projects Cryptanalyst with the National Security Agency, Gary provided design and programming support for a variety of statistical modeling and communications analyses. His experience at NSA included daily use of the most powerful, codeword-classified technology on the planet.

Gary has been a presenter at numerous industry events, including Infonortics Search Engine Conference in Boston, Information Today National Online Meeting in New York, and the Conference of the Association for Global Strategic Intelligence in The Hague. His views also have been featured on BBC and CNN, as well as in major print media in the US and Europe.

Most recently, Stock has been interviewed regarding the culture and intrigue of a compelling web search style he calls "Googlewhacking." Feature reports by USA Today, Next@CNN, and Reuters were echoed in major dailies worldwide, as well as web, broadcast, and print venues in over a dozen languages.

Gary is an accomplished jazz pianist; his free daylight hours focus on habitat conservation for rare native species and related land use planning in rural Michigan.
If you need your piano tuned, sorry; he's not doing much of that any more :-(

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