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UnBlinking UnBlinking

Q: What's the best thing about the internet?

A: No matter how far you go, something intriguing awaits one link further along!

Determining whether each next link is relevant, legitimate, or authoritative... that's the challenge!

UnBlinking refers to my rather bad habit of surfing until I reach the end of the internet, so to speak. Just keep clicking and linking, and never look away - no matter how bizarre the path! The end of the internet often leads back to its beginning in peculiar ways.

Clinton is the New Nader   

I am so glad this didn't happen!

2007-10-01    Clinton is the New Nader

What Would Google Decide?   

In Michigan's elections, Google predicted the outcome as well as the millions of dollars worth of anchorpersons and consultants who've been beating us up intellectually since August.

2006-11-07    What Would Google Decide?.

The Republican Standard of Decency   

No, seriously. First, Republican Senate Majority Leader "Frist admits to adopting homeless animals from Boston shelters and promising to keep them as pets, only to bring them home to vivisect and eventually kill."

No, seriously. Days later, we discovered 37 different appearances of the same "Letter to the Editor" across the country. And 33 of another. And 20 each of two more. And so forth. All saying, in effect, Bush is doing a heckuva job! Could the desire for public support of (and distraction from) the upcoming invasion of Iraq have inspired the Alien AstroTurf?

No, seriously.

2003-01-19    Demonstrating Genuine Leadership.

2003-01-08    Bill Frist's Policy for Medical Reform.

Googlewhack: The Search for The One   

What were we thinking? It's all about having fun with words and search, so political commentary can't be far behind!

2002-02-05    Googlewhack, Googlewhacks, Googlewhacked Googlewhacker, Googlewhacking...

2002-01-29    You are in The Whack Stack.

2002-01-08    How Googlewhack Began.

World Trade Center - Online Lost and Found   

Searching the web, we find many companies with World Trade Center connections. Hundreds of firms did business in these New York skyscrapers, now destroyed. How many offices were in the Twin Towers? The tally of WTC tenants is not yet complete.

2001-09-dd    Over 700 WTC tenants.

2001-09-19    Over 240 WTC phone listings.

2001-09-26    Over 75 vacant office suites in the WTC.

Getting Drilled in a Pristine Area   

Ian Thomas, a contract employee of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) was fired recently - but that's not a story. He lost his job for putting some maps he'd made up on a public website - peculiar, but still no story. However, the maps defined caribou calving grounds in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), public lands where some powerful interests want to extract oil - that's a story.

UnBlinking has mapped many of the links the good ol' boys in Washington must have known about before axing Thomas (and others they should have known would appear thereafter).

2001-03-25    Beyond Here, There Be Dragons!

2001-03-29    The Cartographer's Revenge...

2001-07-09    Ready to Drill; Where Do You Want It?

2001-07-26    Bubbling Crude. Oil, That Is. Black Gold. Texas Tea.

Why the FBI heart the Internet

UnBlinking has wandered some of the links the FBI will follow in the case of Robert Philip Hanssen. Hanssen now stands accused in a remarkable case of Spy v Counterspy, which reminds us that the internet is watching... and that it remembers.

2001-02-23    Looks like the FBI has their work cut out for them.

2001-02-26    Hanssen quite a webster

2001-03-06    Maintaining plausible denial

2001-12-17    As Seen on 60 Minutes

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